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Our goal is to provide a positive experience to all the players within our organization. We realize that occasionally an issue may arise that requires the attention of a sport director and/or the Eagles Board of Directors. These issues might involve the rules, policies or procedures of the Eagles and/or the Arapahoe Youth League.

We have designed our Grievance Policy to provide a process whereby an individual can communicate an issue or concern for review and resolution. Please help us by adhering to the following guidelines.

Should you have an issue with a rule, policy or procedure:

  1. Please communicate it to your coach. Before a season begins, the directors of the various sports have a meeting with the coaches. Most of the rules, policies and procedures are communicated to your coach at that meeting. If not, please ask your coach to call or e-mail that specific sport director for an answer. One call from a coach is more efficient that 10 calls from parents and you will find you will get a quicker response for obvious reasons.


  2. Should your coach not get a clear and timely response, please send an e-mail or letter to the specific sport director and copy in the President. You can reach the sports director directly from the Board Page on the website, or from each individual sports home page.

Should you have an issue or concern with the treatment of your child (i.e. fair play issues) please use the same procedures as above.

All grievances that need Eagles Board attention should be in writing with the facts and names of people involved. The Board will only review grievances/complaints that are in writing. Any written correspondence directed to the President will be addressed at the next Eagles Board meeting.

Please remember that the Eagles Board is made up of volunteers and that the Eagles are a Youth Sports Organization. Be cognizant of the fact that our decisions involving grievances will be what we feel is in the best interest of the children in our program. All decisions of the Eagles Board shall be final.

Should your grievance concern the physical or verbal treatment of any child, please send an e-mail to the Eagles President immediately.